Submit Music To Radio Stations Local Music News Sports Talk Location. As you listen to new stations the older ones will disappear from view. Send a physical copy of your music. It allows artists to submit their music to Metro FM, Kaya FM, East Coast Radio, Highveld Stereo, Jacaranda FM and 947. Post your track to: Ukhozi FM-Music For Airplay, P. Your MP3 file (128K OR 320K) labeled as; ARTISTE – TITLE (eg. Kiss FM started life as a pirate radio station – but that didn’t last long. Upload music, artwork, and fill in the metadata. Their range of music goes from pop to metal to funk, with a heartfelt review written over their thoughts of the song. Due to the high volume of music submissions and selection process, we cannot contact all the artists with feedback. Radio Olive aims to provide the best of information, music, and entertainment to the diaspora from the Indian Sub-Continent. How To Submit Music to the Right People? 12 July 2023. Dont' know in the states but in the UK there are organizations such as FastTrak that submit music to radio stations. 7FM StudiosB1 Collingwood Yards35 Johnston. PBS loves getting new music to play on the radio from local and international acts!Our preference is that you submit music digitally using this form but if you are posting CDs or vinyl, please address to:PBS 106. After finding a radio station that you enjoy, look the station up online. The student-run station was established in 1966 and is owned, operated, and licensed by San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas, USA. These are the traditional FM radio stations, e. They’re just looking for the next mainstream hit to be crammed down their throats. Tip: It's possible to launch an Album-based radio station only on web player and mobile. Name of person submitting * First. Curated by disc jockeys (DJs) and radio personalities, stations’ playlists featured new and old tunes, allowing. Accepted submissions will be added to our automated playlist that plays in between live shows. Top Trinidad and Tobago Radio Stations. Alternative Music Blog Submission. While you can choose any radio station to submit your song to, certain stations are more open to accepting new songs than others. Tap below to submit music to iHeartradio today. If you're a guy with a guitar, a lady with an accordion, an unsigned band, a small label, a major label, or just a few kids playing around in the basement - If you play good music, we'll give it a listen and consider it for airplay. 3 KGSR Radio Austin (Commercial) Location: Austin, TX 78753. Submit Music: 7 Quality Radio Stations That Accept Submissions. If you would like to have your music played on Tenaboy Radio, submit your Mp3's today. Please submit only one song or your submissions may be removed from consideration. With its official website, users can access all of the content SiriusXM has to offer from the comfor. 7 FM, and streams online and on WRHU phone apps, which makes its listenership almost infinite. Discover how easily the send adult radio feature can be accomplished on the web. You can also include a note to the station or to the radio contact who made the email response to you, that can be helpful in putting your name back on the radar with that individual, which can serve to endear you to them even more. broadcast (verb): transmit a programme by radio or TV. It is one of South Africa’s favourite radio with over 1. 3FM Radio 160 Convent Avenue NAC 1/513. Digital submissions are preferred. Eventually, someone will give you a chance. 1 is a low-powered FM radio station, which was deemed operational on Thursday, December 7, 2017. com with links to download from bandcamp, soundcloud, dropbox or any other file hosting or music hosting service. · There really aren't many rules submitting to my station. Include a short biography (optional) 4. For many years, we have prided ourselves in helping to break local acts such Wale, Mario, Dru Hill, …. Started by Debra Antney and Waka Flocka, BE100 …. Thus, they can make a major impact on your career. One easy way is to ask the person how they prefer music be submitted. It is the sole organization designated by the U. Make sure you know which stations are appropriate for your style of music, and take the time to listen to each station to get a feel for what they play. We are a one stop shop for all your music promotion needs! You can submit music to Spotify playlists, send your song to radio stations, submit music to blogs, record labels, TikTok influencers and Youtube channels. Until two decades ago or so, free music was limited to the radio. Your music submission to Trackstarz is free; However, we can save you time by submitting your music to hundreds of music blogs, Spotify playlists curators, magazines, radio stations, and outlets including - All Hip Hop - Hip Hop DX - XKSC Radio - Rapzilla - His Hop Nation - CHH Insider - New H2O - Christlike Radio - Power 77 Radio - Prayz. As an independent artist, submitting your music to radio stations can be an excellent way to get your music heard and grow your fan-base. " Advertisement When you're an astronaut aboard the Inte. The phrase we use at radio to describe your release date is “going for adds date,” or simply just the “add date. Physically submit your music to the station at SABC Polokwane 19 Hospital Street. Now over 95% of the music played on commercial radio is. With this deal, the label:artist royalty split ratio is 80:20, your retrievable cost will be the cost of recording the single or album, and. Gathering new fans and then adding them to our mailing list/marketing strategy is key because those fans come full circle and engage with us in other ways- whether it be on social media outlets or. If you want to skip the submission queue, choose option 1 (merch deal), option 2 (donation) or option 3 (engagement). One Submitis an online music submission platform where …. Golden Age Archives – Groover Blog. 3fm in August 2005 before developing into a syndicated radio show. Complete the steps to enable your skill for testing in the developer console. · If you have band swag (stickers, pins, even the . This is one of the most important steps before you send music to radio stations. With many different genre formats to …. For populations equal to or greater than 250,000, the fee is higher for music-based stations, and either the same or higher for talk-based stations. It calls for The Bay to play a wider variety of music, including several genres not played on "Commercial Radio". They have additional services to get your music out there. The most reliable way of getting someone at the station to listen to the music is to send it in the mail. Whether you’re looking to break into the music industry. Automatically create, sign, and deliver agreements within a protected signNow environment. Then, all you need to do is create a Pandora account and head to the ‘Submit Your Music’ page. It took me all of 10 minutes to create mine. If you want to submit your music to a radio station, there are a few things you need to include. You'll also want to include all necessary metadata inside of the audio file such as album artwork, genre, the title of the song, artist name, composers, etc. Listen to your favorite radio live in good quality. As a community radio station, we give the residents of a Toledo a way to know each other through music, talk, and other forms of programming. And a radio station that connects the two should be independent, intelligent, and diverse, like the minds of its listeners. Listen to local radio stations online & for free. The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) distributes new Australian music to community radio stations nationwide & empowers broadcasters to promote new Australian music on air & online. How To Get Your Songs On The Radio: Australian Edition. We do not provide a physical mailing address and do not accept physical media. We look forward to receiving your submission!. Discover local stations from different countries or immerse yourself in the sounds of a specific era. While submitting your music to radio stations that might be interested in your music, you shouldn’t forget about other music marketing strategies that will help you get your music heard. Trinidad Tobago Radio Stations. Submit your radio station information at LiveOnlineRadio. About: Casablanca Sunset is a Los Angeles based music blog and record label imprint. Submit Music WRHU, located near the New York City metro area, provides an essential college radio experience with opportunities for students seeking careers in engineering or as deejays. Indie Artists: Get Hip Hop Radio Airplay on Excitement Radio. Focused on independent musicians and getting the word out on their music, Tampa Bay's Pulse Radio has begun accepting independent music submissions from artists …. SiriusXM XM Radio is a satellite radio service that offers a wide variety of music and entertainment. For over two decades, Radio Paradise has been …. Just walking in there and handing a radio station a tape or (now a days) a USB stick with music on it and expecting them to have it on the air within 30 minutes just isn't going to happen. Mozart, Haydn, and early Beethoven, covering the period 1750-1820. Contact the right people at the radio station. Power 106 FM’s willingness to accept submissions does not imply or guarantee airplay or any feedback. You can now submit your song to Praiseworld Radio. GotRadio is an online internet radio station with over 45 channels of quality and. Listen live famous online radio stations live streaming on LiveOnlineRadio. bloggers, magazines and radio shows will promote your music as a free service. The process requires some sort of checklist. How to Promote Your Band 25 August 2023. Upload Music Please prepare your files for uploading by using the. A relationship with the Music Director or Program Director changes everything, assuming your single is truly competitive. 3 and Venomous Valdez, we also produce a weekly radio show and podcast called …. We listen to everything that comes across the desk. Dekay signs with the Dig It! label by Chinese Man Records thanks to Groover. to us for an exclusive feature, artist interview, and music review on Dopecausewesaid (DCWS) and our sister site NxtNow Music. Once you’re done, you can now proceed to the submission to a radio station briefly after recording. Subject: Request for Airplay Consideration. Brooklyn Radio is always looking for new voices and fresh content for its shows and articles. Make sure your music is a good fit for the station. UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION * The file must be in MP3 format and smaller than 8MB (320kbps) in filesize. Social Media : Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Instagram. Egypt Radio Stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, and other app-enabled mobile phones. • Keep at it! Some of the most well-known national artists were rejected several times by radio stations and others in their first few tries. by Liz Uhl at AMP Records on November 19. Either way, it's important to have your . Submitting your radio station to Steema is quite easy, however here are some useful guidelines to follow to ensure it gets …. on-air (adjective): broadcasting now. In this case, you have a greater chance of being heard. January 4, 2022 January 19, 2022 Share PRO - Submit Your Music & Be Discovered Get Your Song On The Radio December 29, 2021 January 19, 2022 Share PRO - Submit Your Music & Be Discovered. Radio Submit - The #1 Music To Radio Distribution Site in the U. 1 went live for the first time in May of 1993, and has broadcasted 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Most indie radio stations broadcast at 128 kbps, so avoid sending large file formats like wav/flac (unless asked for by the station). Send with the name of the song, album, recording date, and a link to your website or profile. “College radio fosters creativity, …. Kirk's got the music and the message to make ya sing, clap and shout!. Don’t Submit To Mainstream Commercial Radio Stations. Submit Music Windows 32 Activation Serial. com with the subject “Artist Music Submission – Artist Name” in the subject line, where “Artist Name” is your artist name. It specializes in EDM, Pop, Dance, Urban, Reggae, R&B, IDM, Soul, Hip Hop, and rap music. How Do I Submit a Gig to the FBi Radio Gig Guide (Soundcheck)?. Make a targeted list of places to submit to. If you’re an artist looking for tips: How To Submit Music To Record Labels (Best Tips) How to send your song to radio stations. Attach artwork in your email 800 x 800 px (optional) 5. Get the latest music and trending news, from your favorite artists and bands. Radio stations receive hundreds of submissions from musicians every week, so you need to make sure that your recordings are of high quality if you want them to take notice. We would like to thank you for considering Illadelphiaradio. Zulu Radio is a part of the great lineup on KBCS broadcast in Seattle, a hot spot for the arts community that reaches the right audience for …. You must leave your material at the front. Getting your song on the radio through a music submission platform Many artists in the music industry know that music 3. All file types are accepted, mp3 is preferred. Italy Archives – Groover Blog. While terrestrial radio may be losing some of its …. They get new listeners and you get airplay to a new audience. All Tags must be filled in correctly. KGSR is an adult easy-listening/indie station in Austin that discovers new talent in the music community and brings in artists to their in studio music lounge. Thanks to the Internet, our competition is global. Here’s how you should approach your first radio campaign. We cannot and will not accept payment for airplay of any kind. Look for contact details for each station’s radio programmers, directors, head of music, and/or DJs of particular shows you want to air on. net is another popular internet radio directory with more than 30,000 radio stations and 600,000 podcasts. For a faster (or slower) submission schedule, please send your request to support@musicsubmit. Submit just blank forms of your music to business stations. New Music Release Radar is the best way to promote your music to blogs, radios, labels & Spotify playlisters. Best for: up-and-coming hip-hop artists with radio-friendly music (clean tracks) Why we love it: Public radio boasts one of the most loyal, passionate audience bases for young musicians. What Are Some Radio Stations That Broadcast “The Rush Limbaugh Show”?. Getting your music heard by the right people is even harder. This means that your music should be of high quality and free of any profanity or offensive content. They offer a digital music discovery service, information resources, and a community of new music fans, …. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det. Start Submitting Your Music Now Internet radio offers a bright world of opportunity for independent artists. A: You're welcome to send us a CD of your music. BBC Introducing Genre: All Submit your music here BBC 6 Music – Giles Peterson Show Genre: Hip Hop/Rap, Dance/Electronic, Soul/R&B/Funk, Jazz Email: [email protected] Folk Radio Genre: Folk/Country Submit your music here. How to Do Voice Over Like a Pro: The Complete Guide. They do have fee’s for other services that they have. We cannot and will not accept payment for …. If the digital platform scares you, then post your tracks: Private Bag Rhodes Gift Rondebosch. If possible, send us a little information. and around the world – accumulating more. Since January 2011, there has been a weekly BBC Music Introducing spot on Radio 1's daytime playlist. The Best Ways to Stream Radio Stations for Free. Unlike distribution to Spotify or Pandora, submitting one …. Here’s a few places to start: Submit your music to Pandora. Your music is your asset fully. Here, you can type in all of the details surrounding your submission. Only ONE submission will be considered. We have become one of the most respected A&R blogs in the UK and internationally. If so click below for more options. Free Internet Radio Stations. To submit your music to Taxi, create an account and then click on the “Submit Music” tab. If anything, provide a way for the radio platform to contact you. net and find the best Internet radio station. I can't say how effective any of these are but it only costs $5 to experiment. Submit Music: 7 Quality Radio Stations That Accept. Submission Processing Fee is $150/Song. Utilizing our pre-established partnerships with forward-thinking radio stations covering new music from independent artists across all genres, we can swiftly submit your music to the right ears - in addition to saving you many hours spent with manual submissions. This is a free service built by Soundplate Records to help artists reach independent curators. Submit your music to Sirius XM through their official website submission portal, or use a radio directory. WHUR 2023 Pro Football Challenge. Submit music to our music industry readership. Step 2 – Check your songs are of the right. U2 Add Dates To Las Vegas Sphere Residency Due To. Budget & grants Contact press & radio Develop your fanbase Develop your visual identity Get into playlists and grow your streams Play live Prepare your release strategy Signing with record labels and other partners All. Identify relevant radio stations based on genre 4. Keep 100% control, 100% of your royalties and get access to exclusive music promotion opportunities to sky-rocket your music career. This is extremely important for many reasons. Many of those discs get lost in the shuffle. DropTrack helps record labels, artists, and producers promote their music. Reach the right audiences and get your tracks noticed by the people who matter. Select how long you would like your song to be played for and which internet radio …. net you will find over 60,000 radio stations from all over the world. 44 Music Blogs to Submit Your Songs for Exposure But Is It …. Try using the genre links at left, or the search box above them, to find some great radio stations. Mainstream radio stations get way more emails of songs than college radio stations. Which Services & Stores Will My Music Appear In?. Business Line: Phone (404) 898-8900. Connect with Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth mobile phone, Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth GPS Receiver etc. Zone Radio is committed to do all we can to play-list new music but there. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Command + U on a Mac, or Ctrl + U on a PC. We offer a free weekly download, which is always from a local artist. For the larger stations you may need to locate the specific DJ or show . Some radio stations will only allow you to request a song through the internet. When we have added the station, you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to it on the Radio Garden website. Record labels listen to artists and to songs for the artists they have signed. 3: Submit music to radio stations with a PR …. If there's another streaming service you really want to be in, let us know and we'll look into adding it! You can specify for your music to appear in any or all of the following services: Spotify Apple Music iTunes Instagram & Facebook TikTok- TikTok Music (Beta)- Resso- Luna YouTube Music Ama. Music Directors are volunteers and may be at the radio station only . comr r Radio stations have the power to expose you to millions of potential fans. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Try intelligent solution and a variety of advanced features for your digital signature. 9 Tips To Submit Music To Radio Stations. Radio is one of the most powerful tool's to create awareness to your music and get your music to listeners and buyers all over Germany. How to Submit Your Radio Station to Streema. If you want to pursue having your tracks aired on one of our stations, I suggest listening to some stations that fit your genre and contacting . Now, creating a 5fm Music Submission takes a maximum of 5 minutes. See a very detailed list of some of our hundreds of partner radio stations around the world with exact times when and where our show airs worldwide by CLICKING HERE. Virgin Radio Chilled - Music To Kick Back To All Night on Virgin Radio Chilled UK. 6 Best Ways To Submit Music To Radio Stations 1. As an independent artist, sending your music to mainstream radio is mostly a waste of time and money. Listen to UK radio stations, free internet radio live. Signup and submit Introducing RISING Radio,. The 10 Commandments of Digital Music Promotion for. Please send us music as early as possible if you are sending us yet to be released music, it can take us up to week to read through submissions and the more time we have the more we can plan and fit your content into …. Want to send music to record labels accepting demos, submit music to college radio stations, contact digital record pools, submit music to a&r's, or access one of the largest music industry contact lists around you've come to the right place. Also, find the top new songs, playlists, and music on our website! Listen online to Trinidad and Tobago radio stations including I955 FM, Platinum Hits , Radio Tambrin, Music Radio 97, WACK Radio 90. 9 and will not be returned, whether or not it is added to the station’s playlist. Most radio stations will provide submission guidelines on the best way to submit to them. Please submit your music, Soundcloud page, or any outlet that allows us to hear …. Therefore we play Hip Hop, RNB, Grime, Garage, Bass Music, Drum & Bass, House, Reggae & Afrobeats (including sub genres of all the genres mentioned). Don’t sleep on yourself! If you believe that you’re a talented artist with a hot track waiting to be heard …. - ReverbNation, a site that helps unsigned musicians showcase their tunes on customized web pages, build an audience, and submit music to radio stations and record labels. WGMU streams live 24/7, providing exposure for up-and-coming and. · Submit 1-2 songs max per submission. In return our Value Proposition for you will consist of heavy music rotation, a station and a promotional ID for your Brand, social media presence, and of course your music. Click on the Music Submit Button Above and Send us your Music. Lifetime Rotation Of Fiverr Gig. Click on music shows · Find the genre of your music (African, Latin, Blues, etc) · Mail your music project to: WHCR- 90. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho. These companies work directly with independent artists to deliver mus. Famous is another top radio plugging website that can be considered when you're looking to hire a radio plugging company. Radio Paradise streams highly curated, eclectic mixes of music -- chosen by real humans -- with unparalleled audio quality. IBA Voice of Music (רדיו קול המוזיקה) Kol Barama FM ; Radio 90 FM ; Nostal Radio (רדיו נוסטלגיה) Radius 100% Retro ; Radio 100% Mizrachit ; Kol Rega ;. 3FM The City College of New York 160 Convent Ave MUSIC SUBMISSIONS. Identify relevant radio stations based on genre. You must absolutely submit a song to radio stations that’s high quality. Unsigned, local and independent artists are more than welcome. Getting radio airplay has never been easier using our digital music system. Submit through a music plugger or a radio plugger. Your jpg or PNG graphics file in the size of 600 pixels by 600 pixels. Virgin Radio Anthems - Classic Tracks All Night on Virgin Radio Anthems UK. January 4, 2022 January 19, 2022 Share PRO - Submit Your Music & Be Discovered. Submit to 100 Radio Stations 100. FIRST NAME * LAST NAME * EMAIL * CONTACT NO * ABOUT THE TRACK. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to your music. Internet Radio Directories are an easy and faster way to promote your online radio station and get more listeners. For music and radio skills, see Upload Music or Radio Catalogs. Step 6: Enable the skill for testing. Should I send my songs to radio stations? Don’t Submit To Mainstream Commercial Radio Stations As an independent artist, sending your music to mainstream radio is mostly a …. Where Can I Submit My Music to Blogs for Free?. LISTEN Please listen to the station and see if your …. However, some of our moderators may. The purpose of the station is to serve as a bridge between the campus community of Livingstone College and the local community of Salisbury and surrounding areas. The submission email address is submit [at]jesuswired [dot]com. Our intuitive platform ensures you can easily find the music that resonates with your mood and. All Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia. com with the subject “Artist Music Submission – Artist Name” in the subject line, where “Artist Name” is your artist. Submit your music via email to music@thobelafm. You’ll also want to include all necessary metadata inside of the audio file such as album artwork, genre, the title of the song, artist name, composers, etc. Promotion of the independent musicians art should not be limited to Spotify playlists. Sync licensing is good for your career, revenue generation and exposure. One even impressed the late, great David Bowie with his rendition of "Space Oddity. Submit your music to these UK radio stations. Submit your track/s to music@mizfitzradio. To support our local Dallas and Texas music and arts community, Radio UTD features local music on air and on our blog as well as through our Pseudo Stereo video and concert series. Browse through the hundreds of stations (categorized by genre) in your iTunes player’s radio section and make note of the. Hear inspirational music from artists including Tamela Mann, Donnie McClurkin, Tye Tribett, Le'Andria Johnson and more. How about internet only radio stations? I welcome all types of radio stations to air my shows. Join our leading platform for emerging artists and amplify your music’s reach in the hip-hop community. In rare instances (or due to the domino effect), a radio station may play an artist’s music organically. Any requests for interviews need to be emailed to Janet Scanlon at janet@univox. Make sure it is an mp3 or wav format and includes artist name. 9 FM is a low power, community radio station in Boston, Massachusetts. Netflix produced original content of 2,769 hours in 2019 which was an increase of over eighty percent from the previous year. Here are a few tips on how to submit your music to rock radio stations: 1. Listen online to United States radio stations for free. Music Blog Submission Share Your Music With Us. Users can search by local, language, genre, regio and top stations. For review consideration click the third button and if you. If they don't get back to you, call your contact at the station to verify that they received your music. With over 16 years experience in radio and indie music, Smith also coaches and mentors musicians through focused audience growth. Singapore's Best Radio Stations Online. Target the right independent student and internet radio stations, accepting. But if you create a stereo (or joint stereo) MP2, the resulting file will be 256 kbps (128. Advertisement Have you ever heard a brand new song on the radio and realized that. If you would like to submit music to be considered for Wired FM’s monthly playlist, please email newmusic (at) wiredfm (dot) ie or send any demo/promotional CD’s to: Ray Burke, Wired Fm, Mary Immaculate College, S. To submit your music, simply select a playlist from the grid below. That way, it flows directly into Lawrence’s. Very Important: When you submit. Millions of listeners hear new music and discover new artists on idobi Radio, idobi Howl, and idobi Anthm every month. With this station you will need to write out an E-zine article, which can include photos and a video about you (or your band). If you would like to contact a specific station . Create your free account submit music and receive 25% off your first album or single! Submit your music to A&R Factory. Make sure your MP3 displays the correct Artist Name and Song Title information. Increase the likelihood of your music being heard by sharing it with music blogs and online radio stations. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Music submission is only to geniune organic playlists, with real curators. 50 Music Review Sites to Submit Your Music To. We will not accept a track more than once (including remixes and the like) — the whole team will have definitely heard it, send. Recording Artists, Submit Your Music to Be Played Online on Calm Radio. Dig It!, label of Chinese Man Records, has just signed rapper Dekay after discovering him on Groover. How To Get Played On College Radio. Listen online or download the iHeartRadio App. Submit Music to Metalhead Community. org with the subject line, “Please consider my music. Submit your original music to KS107. Please ONLY email your submission to our music department with a cover letter or press release, and attach a song in the above format. submit your music Here at Together FM we love to play new music. Music Promotion and Building an Effective. How To Get Your Song On A Radio Station. We feature the latest and greatest rap hits, . These website can do all of the legwork for you when it comes to submitting music to bloggers and DJs. Everyone enjoys listening to music, and you have thousands of music options at our fingertips. mp3 format with the following metadata. Listen online to Sri Lanka radio stations for free. Submit your music for airplay on ChristianCountryMusicRadio. Once that’s passed, your campaign is effectively dead. D Grant Smith is the host and creator of the syndicated and award-winning The Appetizer Radio Show, featuring unsigned and indie music weekly. If you’re ready to submit your tracks to a non-commercial radio station, congratulations on taking this first step. CDs are much easier to share and pass around at a radio station. 5 tips for running a successful radio campaign. Thank you for listening to KiSS RADiO in Vancouver & The Valley. Submit music to Spotify playlists. Submit to high quality and vetted curators with impactful audiences. fm we currently operate on a barter and exchange program with you our music providers – that includes artists, PR companies, managers, and small indie record labels. 20+ BEST Online Cakewalk by Bandlab Lessons and Courses in 2023. One Submit is a music promotion website. WUSR Radio Station, The University of Scranton. Music url (Only Spotify Links are accepted). With an impressive lineup of channels and content, it’s no wonder that millions of people tune in to Sirius Radio ev. New Music Weekly, the music industry leading publication, servicing the radio industry with weekly airplay charts, editorials and news. Usually they prefer to screen your music first – so don’t waste a CD on a station that hasn’t heard you yet. 6,000 Billboard CMJ Radio Station. There’s a spot for that in the submission form. With the fees and the time added in for creating samples, sending your samples to 10-20 radio stations became an expense. If your music is of radio quality,we will play it on the radio station that better fits your genre. For further informations please contact radio-pr@steam-music. Source: PROPERLY SENDING YOUR MUSIC TO COMMERCIAL RADIO STATIONS. Send “Oh, hello”(plus anything else you'd like to include in your first message) to 617-855-0781 to start a text message conversation. How to contact music media outlets, blogs, journalists with Groover?. Listeners find their local stations by selecting their states on a map on Hannity. com, so that our designers may preview your tracks. In an era of digital content, it didn’t take long for radio stations to start streaming their broadcasts online. Stations are usually added within a few days after being checked by our team of editors. The Pro's get back to you with opportunities. View our complete Device List or click a button below. $199- Release Radar Promotion : Pitching to 100 reporting radio stations such. Here are some of the best places to discover free musi. With over 3 million listeners, this is a great way to get some valuable airplay from a Fiverr gig. DistroKid is a digital music distribution service that musicians use to put music into online stores & streaming services. FM - Ultimate 80's, Shekinah Radio,. On June 23, 1972, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved an application filed by Texas Southern University to establish an educational FM radio station (KTSU 90. The station broadcasts from the campus of Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Assets and Metadata for Exploiting Art – Ibilion. How can I submit music to AccuRadio? AccuRadio Support. 3 FM! We are a free-form, non-commercial radio station, meaning we allow DJ’s to program their shows with music and content they choose, without a rotation. If you would like to hear any of my music, I appreciate your time. Ukhozi FM broadcasts mainly in IsiZulu and loosely targets IsiZulu speaking and understanding audiences in South Africa. For general inquiries, please contact the Department of Communication & Media or message WUSR …. Toronto, Zouk and Tropical, Gospel, Reggae, Christmas. Don’t sleep on yourself! If you believe that you’re a talented artist with a hot track waiting to be heard by the world, then this could be your big break! Upload your music and include all song info. 5 the River, we celebrate that diversity every day, playing music that weaves a rock-and-roll tapestry across time and genres. we are looking for quality house music djs and presenters to join our passion family submit your demo mix here. We aren’t even competing with just the other top quality music stations in Houston. December is getting long in the tooth, there’s Christmas music on every radio station, and the poinsettias. Bringing together all of the BBC's supporters of unsigned music. WUSR accepts music submissions that are mailed to the radio station. Where to send it: 88Nine Music Director Erin Wolf (no calls, please). 30) that Apple’s streaming music service, Apple Music, will be available on its Echo devices starting Dec. Use Google, LinkedIn, social media …. How to Blow Up on TikTok with Your. Clothing (Brand) Kreatively Konnected by Kay. The majority of radio stations we submit your music to are internet radio stations: the independent webcasters who are free to play anything they want! …. You can promote music and submit music to radio stations using One Submit. Two other radio veterans estimated that the total cost of promoting a song to “urban” radio and transforming it into a hit was between $100,000 and $125,000. All music should be recorded at a minimum of 320 kbps in either MP3 or WAV format. Successfully submitting your music to radio stations can be broken down into three main phases: Research & engage suitable radio stations. For decades, college stations provided the newest, most exciting programming for thirsty fans who sought music that was, to borrow a phrase from the seminal college radio rockers the Replacements, a little ‘left of the dial. A private Soundcloud link is a great option. If not, be sure to indicate its release date. Someone ask me if this is “ free “. Bands, singers, record labels, promotional companies and others wishing to send music to WRIU for possible airplay are invited to do so. Pandora is a popular online music streaming platform that provides users with personalized radio stations based on their musical preferences. Submit Your Music – Joint Radio. Take help from a PR company to submit your music. Ukhozi FM is one of the biggest radio stations on the planet and the largest in Africa with its listener-ship in constant access of 7. Thanks to mobile devices that are at our fingertips almost 24/7, listening to the radio is a little less common these days, but it’s hard to beat the old-school tradition of tuning in to your favorite radio station when you want to blast en. Submit your music to premium playlists and curators. I want to submit my music for consideration for WNXP, how do you do that? The simple answer – email submissions@wnxp. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Increase your chances of success by making your tracks radio friendly 3. Our goal has always been to make it as. Music can only be submitted by snail mail: WREK 91. SUBMIT MUSIC TO RADIO SUBMIT ARTIST FEATURE. Please note: Submitting music to us does not guarantee that it will be played. Follow the instructions for each submission type and then click “Submit” when you’re finished. - Include a short biography - The mail must not exceed 6MB - Register the song with SAMRO. Submit Music TDCreative 2022-06-24T20:31:13+03:00. TMOTTGoGo Radio is NOT meant to present EVERY category of music, but rather present music in the various sub …. Paste the URL of the online radio station into the field that displays. Typically, you'll want to title your music files as follows…. Thankfully, in the modern world, submitting music to a radio station is much easier than it’s ever been before. Check out some of the stations we’ve teamed up with so you can get your …. IRC has been an ardent supporter of indie and DIY music for nearly 15 years, featuring thousands of artists and bands from across the U. " Visit the music release page, and upload a track to begin the process. Host virtual events and webinars to increase engagement and generate leads. - Submit your track digitally to playlist@5fm. Just click, listen and enjoy! 23723 radio stations. You may also mail your music on CD to the address given on . Click a link below to submit your music:. Please submit your full radio information through the form below. The RadioA1A® broadcast streams live 24/7 at RadioA1A. Founded by Eric Vogt in 2013, Casablanca Sunset began as a way to share new music he was listening to with friends. First and foremost, you should work on building a powerful online presence. a Music promotion marketplace dedicated helping artists get their music heard. Submit your music to over 6,000 Stations! 1 Song Submitted to 6,000 Stations. Your music may get airplay anytime up to and including the week of release. For that, you have our gracious thanks for your music. CincyMusic exists to promote the Cincinnati music scene, and we try our best to feature local musicians every week. More information at dgrantsmith. If you decide to create a mono MP2, it will be 128 kbps in total. Our users do not have a shared music library, and Live365 does not supply any media except for the advertising. Each year, ASCAP processes trillions of performances of ASCAP music. All decisions are made by our Power 106 programming department, with possible additional input from local sales and third-party research. Some music curators want you to send them a few mp3 files. Submit music to radio stations is easy. HOW TO ENCODE YOUR MUSIC WITH MEDIABASE AND BDS By Ray Daniels If you're an artist of any sort or genre this is a must read all music that’s created by you the artist should be encoded with Nielsen Bds (broadcast data system) or Media base they are the …. Spend time doing this to convince radio stations that your song is worth the airtime. Make sure you send it to the right email and in. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest View All Guides Latest View All Radio Show Latest View All Podcast Episodes L. Please add information such as composer, producer, . Select OK to add the station to iTunes. To submit digital copies, email them at dukeswj@g. First, make sure you have a good quality recording of your song . IMPORTANT: For airplay tracks MUST also be uploaded to BBC Introducing (see below for more information about that). Our highly curated programming is arranged by genre and features artists of the highest talent and skill in their genre. There are also tools like SubmitHub and DropTrack. 6 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Sound Better When Recording Your Vocals. 3 FM! We are a free-form, non-commercial radio station, meaning we allow DJ's to program their shows with music and content they choose, without a rotation. As of 2015, KFYI is on 550 AM in Phoenix, Arizona; the “Rush Limbaugh Show” airs. Add your radio station to Radio Garden by filling a form at SUBMISSION FORM. The first step in getting radio play is sending your music to radio stations. We cover all genres of music, so send across your tracks and EPK through our submission process below. Usually no one pays attention when a local artist comes on a hip hop station. TuneIn is a service which distributes over 100,000 radio stations and on-demand programs. Make sure you're submitting to the right stations. Ask when they'll listen to it and consider it for rotation. Send music links to submityourmusic@indie88. subtitles (noun): words written on a video …. Ngqana FILMS production, Johannesburg. Radio Eterna is a new addition for Forza Horizon 5, replacing Timeless …. Let's Create It Party Planning. Add your radio station to the Radio Garden globe. Think about the non-commercial radio stations you adore. Make a list of stations that resonate with your style and sound. To submit, send an email to allsongs@npr. At Silent Radio we are always on the look out for new and exciting music, so if you would like to submit your music or simply recommend an act/artist then please feel free to contact us via the email provided. Commercial radio is the most prominent and the most difficult radio to get your music on. For the larger stations you may need to locate the specific DJ or show you’re looking to reach, whereas smaller radio stations may just have one point of contact. 16 likes · 17 talking about this. We Submit Your Music to Radio & Podcasts. When you submit your music to radio stations, think about how you can make yourself stand out. Submit music to billboard and mediabase charting radio stations …. How You Can Submit Music To Radio Stations 1. Keep in mind, though, that much of the music I play is protected by copyright. Submissions should be sent to us electronically. Paste your link from today's popular music sites like Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify or upload directly into SharePro. If you drop music off by the station. CD submissions must be mailed to the station; please do not drop off in person. Your music is presented to reviewers in the form of an electronic press kit, commonly known as an EPK. You can send one song or a whole album. Listening to your favorite music while driving can make the journey more enjoyable and entertaining. Example Subject Line: Artist Music Submission – John Doe. WREK can handle submissions in all common music media formats, but CDs and LPs have a better chance of more airplay from our station’s operators. Tampa Bay's Pulse Radio Is Now Accepting Independent Music Submissions. Usually, program directors are the people who decide on what makes it to radio airplay. How To Get Your Song On the Radio. We met them for an interview where they spoke to us about their music, how they met and their projects. Origin Location: Los Angeles, CA. They sample the hottest playlists and new playlists to their listeners. Radio Stations: Radio's Continued Relevance Despite the rise of streaming platforms, traditional radio remains influential, especially in local markets. buffering (verb): downloading audio/video in preparation for play. DistroKid – DistroKid Help Center. Submission doesn't guarantee airplay. ie the leading directory of online radio stations from Ireland and across the world. To submit a gig please email both music@fbiradio. Organize, promote, and manage your music in one place. wav file along with basic artist info. Simply follow the instructions on the website to submit your music. Submit music to the world’s most advanced DJ pool. 3 is committed to promoting independent Christian artists and helping them reach a wider audience. When submitting your music to radio stations, be mindful that DJs and Program Managers are often slammed with work, other music submissions, and their personal lives. Pitching to 100 reporting radio stations such as…. Equipped with a state-of the-art database offering CMS and extensive streaming analytics, services range from content management & delivery, sales promotion and marketing to in-depth royalty accounting - …. You can support your favorite show with underwriting or by mailing a check or money order to: WHCR-90. Radio play or not, God has a calling on your life and He has blessed you with talent. In order to submit a song or album for review the following requirements must be met: Your Music (in MP3 or M4A format) Track Listings must include artist, song, and album name/marketing label Radio SoBro is a digital radio station based in Nashville, TN. How To Submit Music To Radio Stations. It's always excellent to have someone give you wonderful feedback on your work as it's a great way to learn. Stream on the official site for free. Submit music to radio stations with a PR company.