2005 Honda Pilot Vsa Light Reset

2005 Honda Pilot Vsa Light ResetAmazon Part AC 4160-PGJ-003 fixed my issue. For example, if the engine control unit detects that your turbo boost pressure is 2. After filling it up it took a couple of weeks for the fluid to redistribute. 2005 Honda pilot vsa light comes on when driving and ! warning light is on all the time? No codes on aftermarket snap on scanner. ABS / VSA / ! Sensors going off and on. I'm getting faults that indicate low voltage to the sensors. About a year ago the Check Engine/Emmisions system message popped up. The warning lights were: -road departure mitigation system warning. I am noticing at app 80 kph when the Eco feature kicks in my van gives a noticeable shudder. Again, when the light is on constantly, AFAIK the VSA is OFF. VSA indicator blinking - your slipping and its working. While it’s important to address the underlying problem causing the light to illuminate, it’s also crucial to know how to reset the VSA light on your Honda. Hold the button until you hear a beep and the "VSA OFF" light indicator comes on the dash. ALL Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC ) Testing and Inspection. The wrong type of bearing could have been installed, or it could be installed 'backwards'. 2007 pilot 2wd 163k miles, VSA, and triangle light on the dash. If the VSA® light and exclamation point remains on, or comes back on while. Meaning, when you tires are loosing traction, the VSA won't kill the power to them- it's like a traction control device. Honda Pilot VSA Light: Reset, Triangle Warning & Sensor ">2007 Honda Pilot VSA Light: Reset, Triangle Warning & Sensor. Got the dreaded p301 misfire along with the VSA light, and started trouble shooting. I've looked at several VSA posts but haven't been able to find if anyone has gotten a solid determination of the cause and cure. HEllo, I have a 2005 EX-L that recently has given my wife and I fits. All you need to do is press the VTM-4 Lock button and see if the light turns off. You need to find the VSA button on the dash and push it, this will activat the VSA and turn off the yellow light. The voltage should be between 13. No matter how much I push the …. reset a vsa light after repair work on my 2002 3. 4) Wait for the ABS light to turn on, then press and hold the brake pedal again. To turn your VSA back on, press the button again, and it'll be back to. Supposedly I am suppose to be able to push the vsa off button when the abs light goes off and then do it again when the abs light comes back on in order to do the neautral steering position procedure which is supposedly why the 84-1 code is popping up. Although, on the instrument panel, the brake light, VSA, and ABS lights remain light at all times. 2006 Honda crv, vsa, abs, and triangle light are permanently on. VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assist, a Honda version of the electronic stability control system. these - Honda 2005 Pilot question. In some cases, driving for 10 to 30 minutes can reset a malfunctioning dashboard light; however, if the service emission light persists, drive to a safe location and park. First of all, with the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) light showing on the dash (marked VSA) it means that particular system has a problem or the push on/off switch located on the lower left portion of the dashboard and above the drivers left knee, has been pushed, turning that system off. This morning when I started car the engine light came on with the VSA …. It’s best to have the right maintenance done on your car to keep it running smoothly. Mechanic's Assistant: I have a 2007 Honda Pilot with the vsa light on and triangle with an exclamation mark in it. This system helps to stabilize the vehicle during cornering if the car turns more or less than desired. To turn the VSA system back on, you will need to find the main switch button. It helps the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in adverse conditions, such as slippery surfaces or hard turns, by applying brake pressure to individual wheels and reducing engine power. Turned out, some how I blew the 120 amp fuse. 🙏 modification DIY’s and discussion for the Honda Pilot SUV. My battery and alternator appear fine. Later trips in the day it doesn't happen. 2) Turn the ignition on, after ABS light turns off, quickly press the "VSA off" button. Usually, it has a black cap and a negative (–) symbol. Follow the steps below to learn the method. ABS, VSA and brake lights all on!. no, that wouldn't fix the VSA indicator, maybe for the triangle. Trace the wiring back and see if it is damaged anywhere. My wife is currently driving our 2010 Honda Pilot and she said the VSA light is on and the VTM-4 light came on. Here is what was on the invoice. I took the car home and went to check the connections of the harness. 2005 Honda Pilot Check Engine Light Blinking. The vsa light check engine light and fuel light here and there keeps coming on I just had this vehicle for 4 years already I just had the engine oil leak fixed I changed oil every 6 months. I had VSA light on and tried the procedure to reset TCM & ABS by jumping 4 & 9 pins on obd. Aftermarket tires and rims, TPMS light on, vsa wont go off. Disconnect both battery cables (positive first and then negative). But now I have VSA, ABS and brake lights on and a lot of. 2008 Honda Ridgeline VSA warning light. The VSA light in your Honda might turn on due to various reasons, like low tire pressure, a faulty ABS unit, and a damaged steering angle sensor. Low tire pressure will have what looks like a tire- flat. Rough idle, or misfire stumble, but runs quiet in place, check engine light flashing. View attachment 144142 I was monkeying around with my new scan tool, a Foxwell NT630 Plus, and I messed up. It seems like these Honda's have this issue a lot. Honda: How to Reset the Check Engine Light. Or have you tried pressing the vsa button close to cruise . View attachment 144141 I somehow set on the orange VSA lights in the dash, both the exclamation point in the triangle /!\ light, and after driving a bit, the VSA letter light. Since the vtm-4, vsa and abs warning light was going on and off, codes should be store which could direct you to the issue. They Quote "Scanned for DTC's and found Code 84-1 Sensor Logic Failure due to possible battery disconnect and/or low voltage. One code that showed up was 77-1– power train failure ??? Everything was Kool on the way home but this morning the check engine lite & vim-4 lite & check engine cane on immediately after starting my car The cruise control still didn’t work either Other codes were low pressure on two tires but …. Air Deflector ; All Season Floor Mat ; Auto Day & Night Mirror (1) Taillight - License Light ; TPMS Unit ; Water Valve ; Windshield Washer (-'05) Wire Harness ; Engine. Both VSA and check engine lights came on. Revisited VSA light - Check Engine Light - Running ROUGH. when ABS light comes on - press VSA once. When that warning light triangle with an exclamation point pops up, there's a simple explanation. Quick Answer: How To Reset 2005 Honda Pilot Maintenance Light. 2006 Honda Pilot VSA triangle warning light reset. Wiring Issue – P2646 indicates that the voltage from the VTEC/Rocker oil pressure switch is low. CHECK FUEL CAP indication won't clear!. The truth is the exact repair price can be higher or lower than this because this is only an estimated price. Once completed, exit the VSA system. This Honda model featured three rows of seating, a nine-speed transmission system, a Start-Stop automation system, new bumpers, standard LED headlights, grills, and revised tail lights. NOTE: • If the VSA indicator goes off, the clutch pedal stroke sensor zero point learning is complete. (image attached) checked the ABS module and looked for terminal 39, which is. When the check engine light is on, the codes are: P2646 and P1009. My ODY drives fine after about 30 mins , when engine warms up, @ Idle , stop n go traffic , then the VSA , check engine (ALWAYS ON) & exclamation point in triangle comes on & engine loses 80% power & shifts rough. As of 03-31-2021 the VTM-4 light has not come back on. Attachment: 2011-11-02_181624_tires_and_rims_for_honda_pilot. Short pins 4 and 9 on the OBD connector located under the dash on the driver side. after driving my 2007 honda pilot for about 25 to 30 miles the engine light comes on then VSA light comes on then I lose power. This VSA light indicates that the system is currently activated, which means that it is actively helping keep your Accord safe. The engine had no power and the vehicle would not. I changed the Both struts on the front end and now I have. How To Turn Off VSA Light On Honda Accord. That said, the check engine light and VSA often come on together when the oil level is low. Last week I got the "CHECK FUEL CAP" indication on my 12 month old 2005 Honda PILOT with 10,000 miles. Acura owners may contact customer service at 1-888-234-2138. To turn off VSA, press and hold the VSA Off button on the dashboard near the left side of the steering wheel. flynscot Discussion starter · Jan 8, 2010. Every time the car is turned code is apparently reset and the lights are off sometimes for days sometimes for only minutes. civic, oddsey, legend , acura, cr-v, crz, hrv. Then all the above ligh Hello, I have a 2005 Honda pilot with a VSA light on steady, when I am driving. Reset Honda TPMS Light (For Vehicles with a Dash Button). If the VSA system indicator comes on while driving, pull to the side of theroadwhenitissafe,andturnoff the engine. Triangle vsa light will not go off honda pilot 2009. What does a flashing orange triangle mean on a 2006 crv. SRS lamp should illuminate for 6 seconds. Q&A: Autek Scanner for Honda Accord 2015. ★★★★★ VSA light (triangle) stays on after start of Honda Pilot… VSA light (triangle) stays on after start of Honda Pilot (05). 2005 Honda Pilot w/ RES, 194,000. This is my issue long time ago regarding sudden braking of the car (pilot 2005) I’m the first owner. Step 2: Test the ABS Wheel Sensor. SOURCE: the vsa, !, and check engine light came on and are check around the area of repair for loose ,damaged or disconnected wires or connections-especially the abs system if looks good than either bring back to mech and advise of trouble light on after repair or get scanned somewhere else most auto stores[ such as auto zone/advanced auto check ur …. Step 2: Now, put pressure on the brake pedal and go back to the ignition phase. My check engine light is on for a 2011 Honda Pilot and the diagnosis says …. VSA Light On A Honda Accord?">What Causes The Illumination Of VSA Light On A Honda Accord?. The power window relay is part of the MICU, but everything smart is in the door, located under the power window switches. 2006 honda pilot VSA fuses - Honda 2005 Pilot question. missmyprelude Discussion starter · Aug 17, 2015. This indicates that one of your tires. 2005 honda pilot at light on with smoke coming from under. It should be the same for all Honda's / Acu. If you search the internet "resetting recalibration honda vsa" you will find hacks where they short pins 9 and 4 on the OBD connector and perform a sequence of pressing. That isn't the light for low tire pressure. If the car stays in the garage on a. Hello, my 2005 pilot has had the VSA light on for intermittently for almost a year. Honda Pilot Brake Light On Problems. When VSA is turned off, the VSA Off light will illuminate on the instrument panel. I looked at the speedo and noticed the VTM4 and VSA lights were both on. the 34-1 code would cause the tpms light to come on, not the vsa light. Restart the car then the engine light stays on, but not vtm-4 light. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) is an electronic stability control system that works in conjunction with the Pilot's drive-by-wire throttle and its 4-channel ABS systems to …. It happened again that day about 60 miles later. Used a scanner but it had no engine - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda is the only way it can be reset is with a Honda or better scanner. The engine light, VSA light, and the triangle with ! all cleared and the vehicle began to run properly again. I live in the Midwest where snow comes as early as end of October to as late as end of March so losing the stability is an issue. The car previously had the MIL light come on and off for about a year. After a while the vehicle did start with only the engine light on. the exclamation point inside a triangle is the VSA activation indicator or Vehicle Stability Assist system indicator. 2006 Honda Pilot VSA triangle warning light reset for steering wheel position after battery replacement or dead battery. Honda Pilot has an ABS sensor at each …. However, if that doesn't work, follow these simple steps to reset the VSA light: Turn off the vehicle's ignition. The power window relay in the MICU is more likely to fall out than to fail. fusionrx Discussion starter · #3 · …. To turn the system off, simply locate the VSA Off button. The dashboard light has no specific definition. there is a problem with the VSA system. This VSA light indicates that the system is currently activated, which means that it is actively helping keep your Pilot safe. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then reconnect it. Today was the first day we had a use for the 4wd, but it appears to not be working. Honda Warning Light Triangle with Exclamation Point Meaning. I have code dtc 84-1 sensor logic failure…. If the exclamation point is accompanied by the word “BRAKE,” it means there is a problem with the CR-V’s braking system and the driver should take the vehicle to a Honda dealership for service. Turn the ignition OFF, and try again. 1) Jump pin 9 to 4 (should already be done if you just erased your codes) 2) Turn the ignition on, after ABS light turns off, quickly press the "VSA off" button. I took it for a drive it sounds better no problem braking or otherwise but when I was driving another message came up “Check …. The VSA activation indicator light turns on to alert you that the VSA system has been switched off if the VSA light is turned off. The VSA light stands for “Vehicle Stability Assist. Is there any information available on this procedure? Thanks. The triangle light keeps staying on. Check your tire pressure manually, and then reset the TPMS somewhere in the menu on the driver's display, or with a scan tool if necessary. I drove the suv about 80 miles yesterday but the lights never went out. This light is called the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) light, and it comes on whenever the VSA system is activated. The owner of this clean 2010 Honda Ridgeline tells me that the orange "VSA" light comes on intermittently while driving. car looses power and only drives at 40 miles an hoour. 5 reasons why the VSA light in a Honda might turn on. Drain that fluid and only use Honda VTM-4 fluid, change the temperature sensor in the diff. Possible from a bad battery, bad battery connections, or a bad ground at the VSA module look at the ground screw by the hood …. I read Honda recalled the 2005 Honda Pilot for a bad module that has the yaw sensor incorpor. When I drove the car, I confirmed all the above, and noted that the car. Antilock Brakes (ABS) / Traction Control System (TCS) DTC 84. What Is The Vsa Light On A Honda Pilot?. Limp mode often reduces power and limits the engine RPM to make it safe to drive your car to a mechanic without damaging the engine. After changing spark plugs, now the orange VSA warning light /!\ (exclamation mark inside a triangle) comes on as soon as I start the engine and remains on. Malfunction Light and VSA. The VSA light coming on will set a code in the computer. There are some interesting threads in sticking/blocked EGR valves. Turn the Ignition switch OFF and take the key out. You'll need either a Honda Diagnstic System (HDS/HIM) or a scanner with SRS/ABS capabilities such as the Foxwell NT 630 Plus. I used a paper clip, but any stiff (solid) light gauge wire will do. Pressing and holding it (wait for the beep) will turn it back on. (Starting with OBDII here, Dash codes in forthcoming post) These lists of codes may help rule out what a problem is NOT, when a code is indeed detected 1)__SOURCES: 1. Michelin Cross Terrain tires receive high ratings for endurance and performance. Which is most likely the vehicle stability assist neutral position memorization. 5 Reasons Why the VSA Light in Your Honda Might Be On. Turn the ignition off and then start the engine. SOLVED: Battery dead? 2006 Honda Pilot I thought my batter. The yellow triangle with an exclamation point is. ABSVSABRAKE Warning lights on. An often overlooked problem when the VSA and triangle light cones on is a clogged screen behind the oil filter mounting bracket and the end of the solenoid where it goes into head has multiple screens around it that have a tendency to get clogged. I lots of cases where I have had VSA codes come up I have done a battery cable reset and had great success. P0303 code, P0420 code, plus VSA and VTM. 456 2005 honda crv vsa codes 61-1 volt failure & 83-1 ECM Relation. Honda 2009 accord vsa light on and car wont start. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Pilot yourself? What have you tried so far?. Pull out the bottom of the tailgate rubber seal. If the indicator stays on, have the VSA checked at the dealer. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour. And the vsa is part of the traction control system. VSA Light Honda: What It Means And How To Fix It. Can't figure out what the source might be. 2007 Pilot VSA Activation & VSA System Indicator Lights on after an oil change and transmission fluid change. When checking the battery, make sure there isn’t any corrosion on the terminals or cables. Honda Odyssey Vsa Warning Light On Problems. The vehicle was diagnosed but not repaired. Why is the vsa light on my in 2002 acura 3. 2005 Odessy abs and vsa light on after 4 brake replacement and front wheel bearing How do you reset - Honda 2005 Odyssey question How do you reset Posted by Anonymous on Dec 24, 2012. code reads P0301, P0420, P0302, P0303, P0300 … read more. • Continuing testing, it was found that the right combination of events caused the Honda Pilot to react in a manner similar to that described by the vehicle owner. Could be loose/damaged/corroded wiring/plug to a wheel speed sensor or bad sensor, there are other possibilities also. If the VSA light doesn’t come back on, you are good to go. Started jerking while accelerating. What Should I Do If the Triangle with Exclamation Point Comes On in My Car? If the triangle with exclamation point Honda warning light (aka, VSA® light) …. Currently, the engine light goes on and four messages pop up. It was the VTM-4, VSA, and check engine indicators. Short the SCS circuit using the HDS. Light a standing pilot on a gas stove by holding a lit match near the gas outlet. Our 2005 Honda Pilot vehicle statbility system (vsa) malfunctioned. Top Contributors this Month View All plplplpl. Disconnect battery for a minute, this will clear the code ( …. ABS and VSA warning lights are on. This occurred simultaneously with the lightsall other windows and electronics are working fine. 2003 Honda Pilot EX-L 149k Prev: 2005 Chrysler T&C sold @ 290k Prev: 1992 Acura Legend totalled 212k Prev: 1985 BMW 325e. First, locate the VSA button, which is to the left of the steering wheel on the dashboard. With the release of the 2021 model, Honda has introduced several trim levels, each with its own set of features and capabili. Which seems quite strange all these happen at once. Jump to Latest Follow After that spark when I put the wire in pin #5 (the VSA reset process didn't work either) and I went to start the car, the car wouldn't start. P 2138 CODE WHERE DO I STRART. THE ABS Light or VSA light comes on when there is a fault in the abs system. (g)HONDA Service Bulletin 17. My 2017 does not have a TPMS button. 4) Now shoud be a lot of different blinks and fashes and all lights ABS, VSA and triangle should turn. I recently got the check engine light on the car along with the triangle ! and the VSA light. You’ll find it on the dash, to the left of the steering wheel. 25,129 People Helped; Standard Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA ®) with Traction Control and Brake Assist Vehicle Stability Assist. ABS VSA TSC Brake – Simultaneously lights up. Remove the trim panel above the glove box (1). Vsa Warning Light On problems of the 2005 Honda Pilot; Vsa Warning Light On problems of the 2006 Honda Pilot;. Turn the ignition switch on and do not depress the brake pedal. The wheel was as much as 270 degrees from true. The vsa and triangle are not resetting 2005 mdx changed the drive belt now receiving a triangle. 2005 Honda Pilot; recently ran a quart low on oil; starts fine; runs for a while, then VSA lights come on, shakes, loses power, trouble shifting gears; after first time this happened, check engine light came on and stayed on. I show you guys how to fix a P0171 issue with a 2009 Honda Pilot that has the Check engine light. Honda 2005 CRV When first start engine VSA indcator light comes on and triangle exclamation light comes on. The battery and starter both sound very strong but the car won't start. Jul 30, 2009 • 2007 Honda Odyssey. Its a honda pilot, vsa light is on, code 84. In this case VSA light goes off and Check Engine light stays ON, but car drives as normal. 5 seconds after the ABS indicator comes back on. When the ABS light / comes on in your Pilot, the anti-lock braking system is disabled. 1) Jump pin 9 to chassis ground (I have used a bolt on a door hinge). I took the above advice regarding the oil condition (mine was obviously poor, although I change it every 3 mos) and had it changed immediately. All brakes were replaced, then tpms and vsa …. The Honda Ridgeline is an iconic pickup truck that has been around since 2005. VSA light? Check Engine light? Engine shaking and running terribly? This is an easy fix that I found for the VSA light, with symptoms I experienced as laid o. On the other hand, a flashing light. All brakes were replaced, then tpms and vsa lights come on intermittently,but more often than not. 3 bar, it could potentially damage your engine and therefore the …. I recently bought a 2005 honda. 2017 Pilot EX-L 2wd (53k); (2) 2012 V6 Crosstour 2wd (118k, 311k); 2015 Nissan NV 3500 (211k) Reply. Fuse Daytime Running Light [On Canadian models] Fuse MINI. Causes and Fixes Honda VSA Light That Will Not Go Off. Honda Pilot VSA Stays on with the Triangle. Turn the ignition switch ON with the brake pedal position switch released. I recently replaced my wheel bearings. Well about 3 months ago had ABS, VSA and brake light warning lamps all come on. Its a honda pilot, vsa light is on, code 84-1, VSA, and triangle with! drove vehicle, cleared codes, scanner says - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Acura My obd scanner shows 84-1 code ,which I have reset. When VSA is off, the VSA activation indicator comes on as a reminder. If you are talking about the VSA activation indicator (triangle with exclamation point in the middle): This indicator has three functions: It comes on as a reminder that you have turned off the vehicle stability assist (VSA) system. ABS Light Stays On, What To Do? Scotty Kilmer. 5L V6 it has a fault code of a…. Your VSA switch is functioning normally. VSA System, Start Assist System, ABS - Answered by a verified Mechanic for Honda All tires are new tire alignment was done. Pilot VSA Activation & VSA System Indicator Lights on ">2007 Pilot VSA Activation & VSA System Indicator Lights on. 4) Wait for the ABS light to turn on, then press …. My VSA light came on now my car will not start. Find parts for your 2008 Honda Accord. The cost to diagnose the P2646 Honda code is 1. I have a 2007 Honda Pilot with the vsa light on and triangle. Check Engine Light On Problems of Honda Pilot. They offered to split the cost after I protested. 2005 HONDA Pilot Maintenance Light Reset Instructions. I have a 2007 Honda Pilot, the vtm-4 light comes on intermittently followed by the vsc light then the abs. Search Fixya Browse Categories Try doing a reset. When the ABS indicator, VSA indicator and VSA activation indicator go off, the memorizing is …. mechanic said abs problem causing vsa light?. At @ 55,500 miles,the car had the abs and vsa lights come on spontaneously on the dashboard display which indicated that they were not functional. Jack up the car, get all 4 wheels off the ground. This means that a wiring issue very well could be at fault. Well, my 2005 Element (212K miles) became infected with the P2646 VTEC malfunction code last week. Low transmission oil level or increase in its temperature can result in a check engine and VTM-4 light on the vehicle. Had a diagnostic put on it said pistons misfiring & something about the accelerator arm stuck on,I dont. Hold the button for at least 10 seconds, until the indicator resets. The Advance Auto scan tool won't read the codes for that so you'll need to get that code read. Vsa And Check Engine Light Honda Pilot What Does The Vsa Light Mean Vsa Light Honda Odyssey 2006 How To Reset Vsa Light On 2005 Honda Web My Vsa And Brake Light Both Turned On In My 2006 Honda Pilot. VSA is turned on every time you start the engine, even if you turned it off the last time you drove the vehicle. This video shows how to remove the cruise control main switch and change its light bulb. If try drive it the engine will cut back and … read more. VSA and Exclamation light on, no issue driving. Count the plinks/flashes To reset 1. I have notice this is a common problem on higher mileage Odyssey’s I replaced the screen valve filter/gasket which it. This can be a cause for concern and can be difficult to diagnose and fix, but there are a few things you …. If you have a number of lights on your dashboard, it is likely that you have a different issue, i. Vsa dash light did not do a thing and didn't hear a beep. The vehicle is a 2008 Honda Ody. A diagnostic scanner - computer would be required to pull the trouble code and to diagnose. VSA light coming on honda pilot 2005. Some of the auto parts suppliers offer free code reading like Pepboys, Nappa, Advanced auto parts,etc. The vsa and check engine light cam on because their is a fault in the system that needs to be looked at. Watch the VSA light for over 3 seconds. Yes both lights are most likely related. Click on the photo below right to expand and you can see the pin numbers marked in the plastic. The really strange thing is that the drivers side power window isn't working regularly. My VSA light is on & wont turn off with the VSA off switch. VSA symptoms and warnings sometimes happen because of low battery voltage, and also happen when the ABS/VSA pump and hydraulics have issues. Honda Pilot Won't Start (How To Fix). This would place the system back into automatic mode. Clean any dust or debris that may have accumulated on the light. With the trouble codes, it may give clear direction on exactly where the trouble is. Hey guys, ive recently done some work on my 2008 Honda Pilot, and and now the VSA light keeps coming on. code p0172 and p0175 and lights on = vtm=4 , vsa, engine check,,and TRI ANGLE signe. Tonycleck999 Discussion starter · Apr 13, 2021 (Edited) I got a 2011 Honda Pilot ex with the check engine light, triangle, vsa, vtm-4 what’s the fix?? The lights will go away and Then while later it comes back. The following are warning lights and indicators found in vehicles built by Honda. The blinking check engine light means don't drive the vehicle. Vsa light and engine light come on. The engine had no power and the vehicle would …. The vsa light and engine light came on, on my mom's 2010 Honda Accord, acceleration was sluggish. 2005 Honda pilot vsa light comes on when driving and ! warning light is on all the time?. The vsa light, triangle, abs light came on but drives fine,. 8 volts with the engine running. I have four lights that came on. Got the car fixed but VSA light is still on. Once the cause of DTC P2138 is correct and the code is cleared, I suspect the VTM-4 and VSA warnings will disappear. How do I reset ABS light on Honda element 2005?. Press the Select/Reset knob until the engine oil life indicator is displayed. figured rr abs sensor was damaged so changed it. The system works with the wheel speed sensors and teh yawl rate sensor. I have a 2006 Pilot with 230,000 miles on it. Sometimes it took no effort but the car did not respond. Honda Yellow Triangle Exclamation VSA Light Just Came On ">The Honda Yellow Triangle Exclamation VSA Light Just Came On. Q&A: How to Fix VSA System on 2006 Honda Pilot?. On Dec 21, at their recommendation, the car was towed to a Honda dealer. 4) Now should be a lot of different blinks and flashes and all lights ABS, VSA and triangle should. Got it fixed had low voltage replaced the battery and had the light reset hasn’t come back on fingers crossed it doesn’t. I had this problem once and it was because there wasn't enough air pressure in the intake manifold due to the. All's good now!:29: Apparently the misfires will cause the VTM-4 light and as soon as the engine starts to correct itself the VTM-4 light went out and eventually check engine light too. How to reset Tyre Pressure Light in Honda Civic 2006-2011 - HONDA TPMS LIGHT RESET. Have a 2009 Honda Pilot vpn4 @ vas light came on help. Causes and Fixes Honda VSA light That Won’t go Off. the dealership's HDS machine method: Reset VSA Light and Indicator; A little Matthew 7:7 can also help. The issue could be several different things, such as a problem with the airbag sensor, a problem with the airbags or an airbag detonation. Press and Hold the VSA off button at the same time and turn the ignition switch to on.